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Jan. 10, 2022


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Good morning everybody! Here is step number six for creating a powerful R. O. I. focused social media plan.

Step 6 is ENGAGE. It's something that I think a lot of people forget, including myself, I forgot about this or didn't really understand it for a long time.  It's really important that you're not just creating content but that you are engaging with other people -- both people who comment on your content, but also engaging on other people's content. That's really what makes social media social, right? Before, I just didn't really understand that. I spent a lot of time just creating content, content, content and didn't really have a lot of growth.

But once I started engaging -- Number 1: it started increasing my own engagement. But it also helped me to enjoy using social media more because I started using it for what it was for, which was to create a network. And if you haven't heard the term before or this quote before -- "your network is your net worth. "  

And so creating a network is really important. And enjoying the process is even more important. So make sure that you are engaging everyday, not just on comments people leave for you, but also on other people's content that fit your niche.

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