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Dec. 16, 2021

Rule #5: Create

Rule #5: Create
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Hey everybody, Brandon Hensinger with Cima Growth Solutions. 

I wanted to continue this series on the seven steps to social media profit and specifically, r. O. I on social media. Step #5 is simple, it's create -- make sure you're creating content. It might seem really overwhelming to think about how many different things you have to create, whether it's text posts, blogs, videos, images, ads, you name it - there are so many different types of content that you need to create in order to hit your entire potential market, but there's a way to do it that would be a whole lot easier than just creating every single piece of content yourself.

So when I first started getting involved in social media, uh my first company that I promoted with social media was ascent adventure consultants, which is a rock climbing business. I started back in 2008 actually right when facebook started becoming popular, I used social media and really grew my business through it and as time went on, I used social media to grow all of the businesses that I've launched including Avrio Genetics, and at first it was extremely overwhelming.  I would spend hours trying to create content and felt like, you know, I spent all day creating content and how was I going to actually go out and grow my business? The key strategy to use is an omnipresence strategy. That's what I learned, I was introduced to that by a few different people specifically Grant Cardone and learned how with one video, I could create images, I could create a blog post by transcribing the text. I could create a podcast, I could create quote cards, I could create text posts, you name it and by understanding how the omnipresent strategy works.  I could take one video and make 60 plus pieces of content out of it.

Once I realized that that allowed my presence on social media to explode and most importantly, not just number of followers, but it helped me actually boost the engagement I was getting and reach the right type of customers.  So actually if you're listening to this, you're probably either the owner or you work with a small business or maybe you're just trying to get your own personal brand up and running because you have a vision of monetizing that. Well, what i, what I think is the key strategy to follow is putting together your omnipresence strategy and do exactly what I said by starting out by filming a video and creating multiple pieces of content from it.  So that's something we actually can help you with is to create this for you, you provide the initial video, we can do the rest and make you omnipresent. So if you haven't already check out cimagrowth.com/social and we can help you along your way. Have an awesome day!

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