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Oct. 13, 2021

Rule #3: Strategize

Rule #3: Strategize

Hey everybody, welcome back to part three of our series on 7 steps to maximize social media R. O. I.

Last time we talked about the importance of research. Today, I want to talk about the importance of strategizing. The key thing that you need to be doing with really any type of marketing - but social media marketing specifically is to strategize.

Number one, you need to figure out who you are as a business. What does your brand represent? What's your story? What's your feel? What message are you trying to communicate? And that is really important. It's what message are you trying to communicate. What is your company's message that you're trying to get out to the world? You have to remember that your company can't just say we have a product. You have to have a message behind a product, whether it's a service or a physical good. So think about that.  Who is your company? What is, what is the feel of your company? What is your brand? What message are you trying to communicate? What is your unique selling proposition? Meaning - what do you have that nobody else could have or nobody else would have?

And one of the really interesting concepts that we could spend a lot of time talking about is blue ocean strategy.  That's much more on the product development and service development side than it is on social media. But it still applies. If you don't know about blue ocean strategy - think about it - if there were a bunch of sharks swimming in an ocean, it would be red right, from the devouring, and everything.  But if you were the only shark and jumped into a new ocean with no other sharks it would be a blue ocean because there's nobody else fighting for it. And you have to take that approach when it comes to business, don't just do what everybody else is doing.

Do something different, figure out what your message is so that it sets you apart from the rest. You can do that with the service, you can do that with a product and you can do it with social media. So after you've completed the research phase, look at your competition, looking at what's out there.

Start really thinking about what sets your brand apart, your story, your mission, your message and what your unique selling proposition is. That's key to success.  So, if you are on Facebook or Instagram, dm us "social", or dm me "social", and I'll send you this entire seven-step guide all printed out. It's about a 20-page book that we're giving away for free.

And also we can do a free strategy call with you as well to answer any of your questions.  So dm us "social". If you're on another platform like Twitter or LinkedIn, feel free to still send us a message that says "social", and we'll personally respond and we'll get you what you need.

Have an awesome day.

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